Are expensive pool cues worth the money?

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Are expensive pool cues worth the money

“Anything worth appreciating is expensive.”

In today’s era, every possession is closely associated with the quality of the owner’s state of being. So, it’s not an exaggerating fact that it’s normal to consider at least twice before buying any expensive product and when it comes to something like Pool Cue, so it’s mandatory.

So today, we are discussing the key factors to keep in mind before spending your hard-earned money in buying an expensive Pool Cue and also, we will also discuss whether it is worthy enough to invest in an expensive pool cue. Let’s begin!

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth the Money?

Many factors are involved in calculating the worthiness of expensive Pool Cues. Its quality depends on many factors like- the level, preferences, skill set of a player.

After a certain point, the product’s price hardly matters in the enhancement of your game performance. Then all that mater is its appearance and its showing off properties. For example- If you have an expensive pool cue, let’s say 1000$+, so it’s not going to affect the quality of your game. But if you are choosing below-average quality cues, so it is going to impact your game performances.

But now the question arises what is the major thing to consider while investing in an expensive Pool Cue.

Reasons To Buy Expensive Pool Cue

Before you buy an expensive and highly lavish, and appealing Pool Cue, keep these major factors under consideration:

  1. Is it having Low Deflection Shaft- In today’s time, In the Pool playing community, it is highly believed that Pool Cues having Low Deflection Shaft is better in many ways than regular Standard Shaft. There is an active debate going on in the community of Pool Players on what to choose Low Deflection Shaft or Standard Shaft. But over the period, the prominence and cult of Low Deflection Shaft are increased mainly because it is the first choice for pro players as well as for beginners.
  • Wood– The quality of wood is one of the most important things to consider. As the quality of the butt of the pool cue is highly dependent on the wood used in it. There are many types of wood available in the market depending upon the budget of the buyer. More it is expensive more it is good in quality. There are many wood types available for the butt of Pool Cue. For Example- Zebrawood, African Blackwood, Cocobolo. These are some of the finest woods available in an expensive range.
  • Ferrules and Tips- Tips and Ferrules are key elemental parts of the Pool Cue. Their quality highly optimizes the quality of the game. Strong tips play a very crucial role in determining the result of the game. The stronger the tip the better the game. Similarly, Ferrules are also very important because they help to protect the wood. In expensive, Pool Cue you will get access to premium class tips having high-end leather tips.
  • Inlay Material- In expensive Pool Cue you get Inlay Material which is different from overlay material used in cheap Pool Cue. Inlay Material is a symbol of class and lavishness. Some of the high-quality Inlay Materials are- Pink Asian Coral, Tortoise, Sapphire Blue.
  • Wrap Materials– Last but one of the most important differentiating factors between Expensive and mid-range Pool Cue is its Wrap Materials. In cheap Pool Cue, you will get Nylon Wrap material but in Expensive Pool Cue, you will get Leather Wrapping. Some of the major high-class Leather Wrap materials are – Lizard leather, Elephant Ear leather, gator leather, chocolate leather, textured leather, snake leather, and taupe leather.


The quality of the pool cue depends on its price. And it’s totally up to the buyer what do he want and expect from his possession. We can say price matter and is a key factor in deciding the gameplay. But once you hit the threshold of thousand dollars, so it hardly matters. But as said, the cue’s quality is irrespective of money after hitting a certain threshold, but definitely, the expensive cue is better in many aspects.

As they say, “More the honey, more it’s sweeter”

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