6 Best Pool Cue Cases for Extreme Protection

Reviewed by Rob Monster
Rob Monster

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Do you often feel frightened while carrying your expensive pool cues with you? Are you looking out for a case having the potential to prevent breaks and cracks on your cue sticks? Well, you have landed in the right spot. 

Pool cues are indeed an essential accessory for an expensive item like a cue stick. It can be crucial for you if you are a professional player traveling to the place of a tournament with your own accessories. But, it is quite challenging to find the right case for your stick, balls, or other tools.

Tons of options and similar claims from the manufacturers are the reason behind such confusion. Thus, we have used some of the top-rated and efficient cases in different scenarios and went through broad research. As a result, we have ended up summing all our observations in the reliable collection of pool cue cases here.

We can ensure you get the best pool cue case for your requirement by the end of this review.

So, let’s dive in.

Quick Summary: 7 Best Pool Cue Cases 2022 Review

  • 1. LUCASI Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue Case
  • 2. McDermott 75-0940 Backpack Sports Pool Cues Stick Case
  • 3. Casemaster by GLD products Deluxe Pool Cue Hard Case
  • 4. Outlaws Nexus Spring Loaded Tube Style Cue Case
  • 5. Athena 2×2 White & Pink Pool Cue Case
  • 6. CUESOUL Soocoo Series Hard Pool Cue Case

1. LUCASI Tournament Pro 4×8 Pool Cue Case

  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 6 x 5 inches
  • Capacity: 4 butts 8 shaft
  • Material: Premium quality Black, White & Tan leatherette

More features: A carrying handle on the side as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, two sleeves for Jump Handles or extensions.

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LUCASI Tournament Pro Pool Cue Case

An elegant case with multiple pockets to store all kinds of accessories makes up a perfect companion for Tournament Players. This 4×8 Pool Cue Case from Lucasi delivers it all with a stylish color block look and tons of features packed in. Besides, it has a modern touch of finish along with impressive aesthetics that will reflect your potential to the opponents.

On top of this, the Tournament Pro Case takes the productivity way seriously by providing every pocket a player would need. The secure sleeve pockets along with the Joint Protector flaps altogether provide enough space to fit in 8 shafts and about 4 pool cue butts at ease. Thus, you won’t miss any chance to use the best cue at the right time in the game.

Speaking about productivity, this pool case has extra room accompanied by special compartments as well. So, you can carry every accessory required to change your tip, chalk, or even tuners. But, you won’t regret carrying all those stuff along with you due to the comfortable Jump handles and adjustable shoulder strap featured in it.

With the LUCASI Pool Cue Case with you, there would be no need to think about your cue anymore. The Smooth leatherette soft case does its Job perfectly with enough shock absorption to protect the cues and accessories making it one of the Best Pool Cue Cases for Tournament Players.

2. McDermott 75-0940 Backpack Sports Pool Cues Stick Case

  • Dimensions: 32 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Capacity: 3 butts 5 shaft
  • Material: Black textured rugged nylon hard case

More features: Black textured rugged nylon hard case with smooth vinyl accents, Black textured rugged nylon hard case with smooth vinyl accents.

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McDermott 75 0940

A smart and stylish look accompanied with a compelling color combination confirms McDermott’s entry into the top best pool cue cases. But, there is more to it. This Backpack Sports Pool Cue Stick case is a perfect travel companion whether you are walking or carrying it in your vehicle. It has a rugged design to protect the cues from sudden hits.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to carry with the unique design to fit in all types of pool cue sticks. The case can easily hold 5 cue shafts and 3 butts without any inconvenience in a cloth-separated compartment. Besides, it has two exterior zipped pockets that let you add some extra accessories at ease.

One of the best features of this Cue case besides the design and color is the comfortable shoulder strap. The straps go all along the backpack making it similar to a college bag with a proper balance in a rugged nylon hard case. So, you can simply roam around carrying the bag with attractive vinyl accents that feel cool and stylish.

This sports backpack pool cue case can be a perfect choice for those who attend billiards club often. Due to the excellent weight separation with cloth compartments and nice shoulder straps, you won’t even feel bad on your back. 

3. Casemaster by GLD products Deluxe Pool Cue Hard Case

Snooker was a classic game with a complete retro look of tables, cues, and balls a few decades ago. If you are one such fan of the retro look of Billiard Accessories, this Deluxe Pool Cue Hard Case can be a great choice. Well, it also brings in some incredible tweaks such as comfortable carry around and compelling accents.

Classic leatherette exterior design is probably one of the best features of this case as it can keep the cue in dry conditions even in an adverse atmosphere. Thus, you won’t need to think about warping anymore. The hinged design with a red interior makes it look stylish and classic at a time while matching with the entire vintage collection. 

Besides, it is pretty durable with a hard resin shell inside the soft cloth lining to withstand heavy impacts and prevent cracks and breaks. Although the case can hold one shaft and one butt, the sophisticated look of the box is what matters in such retro accessories.

Along with all those features, this deluxe pool cue hard case comes with a comfortable carrying handle. The handle is aligned properly with the weight to balance the whole box and prevent excess burden in a single place. It comes with two locks that are sturdy and clicks to ensure proper protection.

4. Outlaws Nexus Spring Loaded Tube Style Cue Case

Having a case with a certain personality that none in your group have is surely a great choice. This Spring Loaded Tube Style Cue Case from Outlaws brings in such uniqueness in the design which will suit your requirements from all aspects. Besides, it gives extra protection to the pool cues preventing them from getting damaged easily.

Design being the main selling value for this cue case, it is available with flames, guns, or horseshoe embroidered on it. High-quality build, mesmerizing aesthetics with a unique touch of embroidery work make it feel premium at every inch. Thus, you will indeed stand out from the competition and group with your accessories.

Besides the unique design, this cue case comes with a padded shoulder strap to carry and a handle for comfortable transportation. It also has a zippered top section that can fit many billiard accessories at ease. The case is meant to last long with poured rubber melt casing inside and a compelling tanned vinyl color outside.

On top of this, Outlaws has also infused some minor tweaks all around the case to not only look but also feel unique.  Special yet stylish design, comfortable straps, and durable build make it totally worthy of being a part of the best pool cue cases.

5. Athena 2×2 White & Pink Pool Cue Case

Sometimes, simple design with reliable protection wins the race over premium-looking cases. This White & Pink Pool Cue Case from Athena is one such case with a straight-to-the-point build and well-engineered ergonomics. If you are new to billiards and struggling with protecting your cues to the club, this can be a great choice.

The single compartment has enough space to store and protect 2 butts and 2 shafts. Besides, you can easily transport your cue sticks in a hassle-free way by hanging them on or else securing them under the deck. The straps are pretty sturdy and durable whereas the hard case design is straightforward which makes it merge with the crowd.

On top of this, keeping and taking out the cues from the case is pretty easy and you can do it instantly once you develop the muscle memory. Even the zips are pretty feasible and sturdy. So, it can be a great addition to your billiards collection to secure your expensive cues without any damage.

Athena infuses every essential factor that makes a simple-looking durable pool cue case this. So, if you are a beginner with the sole aim to provide some extra protection to your case, this affordable option is probably the smart choice.

6. CUESOUL Soocoo Series Hard Pool Cue Case

Stylish design and cool accents make a perfect combo when it comes to a backpack. This hard pool cue case from CUESOUL is one such case that delivers cool looks and yet is pretty convenient and straightforward to carry. Besides, it can hold 2 shafts and 2 butts at ease in the spacious compartment.

One of the best things about this Hard Pool cue case is the Adjustable shoulder strap. It feels much more comfortable to carry and roam around. The foam inside the shoulder strap makes it almost weightless and you will leave bothered about the bag hanging on your back soon.

When it comes to durability, it has no compromises in any aspect. The case features Heavy Duty brown Vinyl with poured rubber mold which protects the cue sticks from sudden blows by absorbing the shocks. Vinyl makes it waterproof to some extent and you might not need to wash it frequently.

Furthermore, there are 2 black accessory pockets on this hard case so that you can keep your accessories like chalk, towel, and tools at ease. All these features in a mid-price segment accompanied by a pretty durable build make it a great choice for students to carry the cues to the club.


Pool cue cases not only add an extra layer of protection to your cues but also give a unique personality to your accessories. If you are a tournament player, having a unique piece of pool cue case can send a strong message to opponents as well. 

Now that you have gone through a different pool and a cue case that leads in their respective category, you must be clear about your choice. For instance, LUCASI tournament pro can be the best choice for you if you are looking for an extreme level of durability besides an elegant design.

Similarly, you can prefer a stylish or a retro case from this collection at ease as your efforts to choose from a wide range of random options are simplified to a great extent. Not only this, choosing from the above-mentioned best pool cue case can help you crack the best deal from the market effortlessly.

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