Best Pool Cues for Intermediate Players

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Best Pool Cues for Intermediate Players

Have you mastered the basics in the games of snooker? Are you excited to step into the next level?  Well, you are surely familiar with the worthiness of a good pool cue. Now that you have completed your basics with a normal cue, it is surely the perfect time to upgrade to high-quality pool cues.

But, wait! Is it so easy to find the best pool cues which can support your enhanced skills? The market is flooded with a wide variety of options with similar features on the spec sheet. This creates immense confusion and probably consumes a lot of time. Even if you end up selecting a pool cue, chances are it is not the best in the market for your investment.

Well, here is the best solution for the dedicated players like you who are aimed at reaching the never reached heights in billiards. We have selected the best pool cues for intermediate players which will surely meet your expectations.

All you have to do is to go through this article and that’s it. We assure you that you will get the best range of intermediate-level pool cues by the end. So, without seconds late, let’s dive in!

Best Pool Cues for Intermediate 2022

1. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

Now that you have already mastered the basics, you may need to travel with your pool cue in the bag. This Two-Piece Pool Cue from Purex is designed to deliver extreme convenience in travel to the tournaments. It is made from premium-grade hand-selected 100 percent North American Hard Rock maple.  Thus, although you can break it into two pieces to store anywhere, it is pretty durable.

One of the best things about this pool cue stick from the Players Technology Series is its look. You would surely want your cue to look professional and stylish when entering your game room.  The walnut-stained birds-eye maple forearm and butt finish of this cue will surely impress everyone.

Speaking about performance, the low deflection ferrule of this billiards stick ensures perfect power delivery and accuracy.  Besides, the double-pressed Irish linen wrap complements the ferrule and weight in the best way. All those features accompanied by a stylish and durable build make it one of the best cues for intermediate players.

  • Kamul black tip.
  • Irish Linen Wrap.
  • HXT low deflection ferrule.
  • Stainless steel Joint collar.
  • Improved accuracy for any spin.
  • Can be a bit lighter, but provides good grip.

2. Cuetec Graphite Series 58” 2-Piece Composite Billiard Pool Cue

Cuetec should be quite a familiar name in the game if you are into billiards. The reputation of the brand in making quality pool cues surely reflects in the real-time usage. It is one of the few brands still delivering fiberglass bonded shaft which is known to be incredibly durable. You can feel the extraordinary quality of this 2-piece composite Billiard Pool cue from Cuetec. It gives the true premium vibes even if you are using it for a long time.

On top of this, this Graphite series 58” pool stick comes with a Tiger Everest Multi-Layer tip with polycarbonate ferrule. Thus, you can be assured of accurate and powerful shots with minimum effort. Besides, it features Veltex Grip which is efficient in pulling moisture from your hand.

With all these features, Cuetec Graphite is surely worthy of enlisting in the best pool cues out there. Furthermore, an Adjustable bolt system for proper weight balance makes it superior than many competitors.

  • Polycarbonate ferrule.
  • Tiger Everest multilayer tip.
  • Pro Taper Power bonded shaft.
  • Adjustable weight system.
  • Tip quality is mid-range but is precise in any shot.

3. McDermott Lucky L65 Leprechaun Pool Cue

Intermediate pool cues are often a level higher than the standard cues when it comes to price. But, this L65 Leprechaun Pool Cue from McDermott is a bit different. It packs in all the essential features intermediate players would require, but without making major compromises.  Made up of Hard Rock maple with the Silver ring, it is indeed long-lasting with the same performance as of the first day.

With the durable build, Irish Linen Wrap with a 3/8-10 joint screw gives a premium touch in this affordable range. Besides, when it comes to shot delivery, the leather tip with a 13 mm solid hard rock maple shaft is pretty impressive. Not only this, McDermott pool cue is 1 19 ounce cue stick, the best in its category.

Additionally, it also comes with the Leprechaun graphic sleeve accompanied with a multicolor forearm overlay. Thus, it becomes the best pool cue for Intermediate Players if it is about an affordable price range.

  • Multicolor forearm overlay.
  • Hard rock maple with a silver ring.
  • Irish Linen wrap.
  • Long-lasting leather tip.
  • The tip may feel a bit hard at the beginning.

4. Viper Sinister 58” 2-piece Pool Cue

Impeccable durability levels complemented with top-notch features make this 2-piece pool cue enlisted here. It is a close-to-perfect pool cue in this price range with many compelling specs. Some of such specs include 9 varnish coating, stainless steel joint, and an elegant look. If it is about look and long-lasting performance Viper sinister cue nails it from all aspects. With all these features, viper sinister assures consistent feedback while playing.

The removable Scuffer of this 2-piece pool cue leads the list of compelling features. It helps in better chalk retention and thus more grip and control on the balls. Besides, it is available in different weights ranging from 18 oz to 21 oz. Thus you can pick the most favorable weight easily.

Being made of Canadian maple wood makes it really strong and thus a proper all-rounder in best intermediate pool cues.

  • Removable Scuffer.
  • Stainless steel joints.
  • Leather tip.
  • Multiple weights available.
  • Hard Canadian maple wood.
  • Classic design but with good features.

Things to expect in a pool cue for intermediate level

By now you are surely familiar with the key features of the top-rated products. But, how

to choose the right pool cue that meets your expectations? Here is your answer.

There are dedicated intermediate cue sticks to complement your skills at this level. But, you need to judge the right companion for your needs. Here are some crucial aspects which you can expect in an intermediate pool cue.


You may be thinking that being a step above the normal cues, the price of intermediate cues is also quite expensive. But it’s a bit tricky here.

The best thing about preferring an intermediate cue is manufacturer will surely put more effort into the build. Thus, even the price is more than the standard ones; you will get way better quality for sure. For an instance, you may get carbon fiber rods, a better tip, and a superior grip than others. But, you must keep in mind that there are still premium products available. Thus, you must not compromise on your budget in any aspect.

Finding the value-for-money pool cue could be quite tough, but the above-mentioned products will simplify your efforts.


Now that you are no more a newbie to billiards, you need to focus on tip more. Most of the pool cues of this level will be either standard solid or leather layers. You should better go for the premium side such as leather.

Some of the higher quality tips in this level include Tiger Everest, Kamui clear black and Elk Master, etc. It would be better to give it a spin before you finalize the cue stick.


You can see a lot of options in the shaft in this category. But you should probably go for low deflection technology which ensures good shock absorption and accurate deliveries. But, there are some players who prefer the cues without low deflection properties.


Most intermediate cue comes with good overlays on the butt, so you won’t have to be keen on it. But, you can make sure of a good one while holding it.


Irish Linen is the most preferable grip type among professional players. But, you can also go for a leather grip on the butt. But, make sure to choose it based on your hands whether they are sweaty or non-sweaty.


Weight is now even more necessary for you as you are going to take part in competitions. Most two-piece cues weigh around 19 oz to 20 oz, and you should pick the one most suitable for you. The ideal weight of the cue stick is one that provides comfort beside a good control over the stick. But, variable weight options could be a great choice at this point.


North American or Canadian maple wood could be a great choice in the intermediate-level pool cues. But, you can also go for other materials like fiberglass which is long-lasting and doesn’t warp easily.

You may also come across a one-piece pool cue in this price range. But, it is better to prefer 2-piece pool cues for your travel requirements.


It becomes essential to look for the best pool cue suitable for your level once you have mastered the basics. Standard cues with a normal build can work for you to some extent but can’t match the competition at all.

Well, now that you are here, you must have gained enough knowledge to choose the pool cue by yourself. The 2-piece pool cue from players technology series from Purex could be the most compelling option. You can get all types of favorable features that meet your expectations at an intermediate level with it. But, you can choose the best model based on some crucial factors like price and quality for your level.

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