Best Pool Tables Under $2000 in 2023 (Expert Review)

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Rob Monster

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Best pool tables under 2000

Are you looking forward to nurturing or exhibiting your billiards skills? Are you in the quest of finding the best pool tables that suits your space? You are probably in the best spot. Here you can find the best pool tables under 2000 with dope features and top-notch specs.

 Whether you are up to adding some fun elements to your house or enhancing your skills, you probably need the best pool table in the price segment. The obvious reason is pool tables are not affordable and you surely don’t want to waste your money.

But, finding a billiard pool table that has the potential to meet your requirements is a tough task. You need to pass by tons of options available in the market and analyze each one of them.

So, we have filtered out the top 3 pool tables that lead in every essential feature after going through broad research. By the end of this article, you are surely going to crack the best deal on the billiard table. So, let’s dive in!

Best Pool Tables Under $2000

1. Barrington Billiards Arlington 100” Billiard Table

  • Item Dimensions: 100 x 56 x 31 inches
  • Material: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Wool
  • Color: Brown/Red

More features: Playfield is made of 50% wool blend felt with k66 bumpers guards, Classic 2 tone finish, Leather drop pockets.

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Barrington Billiards Arlington 100 Billiard Table

Barrington is one of the few companies which makes premium-looking tables in the mid-premium range. This 100” billiard table from Barrington Billiards Store is also one such table infused with all premium features.

The royal design of this table along with the assembled dimension of 100” x 56” x 31” suits every interior. Besides, the smooth playfield of this pool table is made from 50% wool to ensure consistent ball roll. Thus, you can use this table for never-ending family billiard nights.

Apart from the looks and performance, this pool table is pretty durable in all aspects. It is built with reinforced wood grain top rail and apron so that it lasts longer with stable performance.

Besides being the cool-looking table for your living room, it is also perfect for tournaments as well. The premium bumper complemented with an old-school two-toned claw design and parlor style drop leather pockets makes it tournament level.

Additionally, it comes with all kinds of required accessories which make it one of the best pool tables under 2000.


  • Eye-catchy old-school royal design.
  • Parlor-style drop leather pockets.
  • Come with a set of billiard balls and all accessories.
  • Double side lamination on the playfield.


  • Adjustable height would be compelling at this price.

2. Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table

  • Item Dimensions: 95.5 x 53.5 x 32 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black

More features: Finished off with K66 bumper safety guards, The playfield surface is 25mm competition-grade wool felt and includes leather drop pockets.

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Barrington Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table

A pool table suitable for all ages from home practice to tournaments is the most preferable one. But, what if all these features are packed with a modern design? This Professional Billiard Pool Table from Barrington is one such table with such appreciable features.

This 8 ft Billiard table is suitable for all ages, so the whole family can play on it. But, this table gets enlisted among the best pool table due to its long-lasting and premium quality build.

This Urban Series Billiard Table comes with the 25 M strong playfield, so you can play on it at any level of intensity or frequency. Besides, it supports professional purposes with the premium K66 cushion which ensures accurate spins.

Additionally, bitch wood veneer with concrete style legs and oak finish makes a perfect combination with contemporary design. So, it is a perfect professional billiard table with the perfect balance of design, longevity, and accuracy.

Besides, the K66 bumper guard and professional-grade wool felt bed makes it unmatchable in this category.


  • Premium K66 cushion.
  • 50% wool blend black playing surface.
  • Modern design Leather cover drop pockets.
  • Comes with a pool table set.
  • Wooden rod connector.
  • Concrete-style legs.


  • Multiple color options could be great.

3. Fat Cat Reno 7.52” Pool Table

  • Item Dimensions: 89.5 x 50.5 x 31 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Red

More features: Equipped with K66 rubber bumpers, 6″ rails with white diamond inlays, and beveled legs with maple wood veneer and a cherry finish.

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Fat Cat by GLD PRODUCTS Reno pool table

A billiards table that can enhance your skills to the tournament level is surely the best choice. This 7.52” pool table from fat Cat is one such table with superior playability having the potential to enhance your skills. Besides, the design is specially made to last forever.

Rock hard stability of the surface accompanied by the 6” wooden rails and K66 rubber bumpers makes it insanely durable. Thus, you could play on this consistently with your group for a long time without any inconvenience.

The incredible slate system of this strong table resists warping for a long time with the same warranty of purchase. The cherry finish complemented with the oak-toned accent panels makes it a perfect professional table in the tournament.

Well, this table also reigns in the artistic appearance with braided strands and French-style drop pockets.

Sophisticated design with decorative edges and impeccable tweaks on the surface enhances the whole playing experience. However, the most compelling thing about this pool table should be the feature to fine-tune the leg’s height.


  • Sophisticated design.
  • Edge carving accents.
  • Long-lasting Accuslate playing surface.
  • White diamond inlays.
  • Burgundy wool cloth.
  • Leg levelers.
  • Maple wood veneer and cherry finish.


  • Height can be a problem but every leg is adjustable.

Complete your set with Best Lighting for Pool Table

Usual blunders people make while Buying a Pool Table

You should be keen on every considerable feature before selecting the billiards table. Here are a few mistakes that most people make while buying a pool table that you should avoid: –

  • Ordering a pool table without measuring the size of the room in which it will be placed is a common mistake people make.
  • In games like Billiards, surface level plays a major role. Make sure to check whether the playing surface is perfectly leveled.
  • Compromising on the quality of the table for the price is often a great mistake. A durable pool table with a good surface should be your topmost priority.
  • Ignoring the play space could be a great mistake. Playspace is crucial for professional game players. You must look for enough play space to meet your requirements of space and players.
  • Ignoring the height of the table for other features con turns out to be the worst mistake.
  • It is also essential to check the color besides checking the features and durability so that it merges with the interiors and matches your skill level at a time.


You surely have gained enough information to select and buy the best pool table that suits your requirements. The above-mentioned products surely contain the one which meets your expectations.

For instance, if you are a fan of elegant royal color, the Barrington Billiards table can be your best choice. It comes with all kinds of billiards accessories and has the most compelling designs that will surely meet your expectations.

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