How to Choose a Pool Cue Length (Complete Details Covered)

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When picking the ideal pool cue stick, you need to consider a few things before purchasing the same. Apart from the straightness and weight of any pool stick, the length of the same plays a pivotal role when selecting a perfect pool cue stick.

If you are a beginner in Billiards or Pool sport, then you must need to know that selecting the correct length for your pool cue stick is one of the necessary things. Choosing an improper length for your pool cue stick can make a negative impact on your game. You can face balance issues if you pick the wrong pool cue stick with respect to your height.

The length of a pool cue stick varies from one brand to another, and each brand-built pool cue length does not fit every same height person similarly. There is a general opinion that players who are tall with long arms, broad shoulders require longer pool cue sticks compared to short-height players. And this is not at all a wrong concept, but being a newcomer in this field, you need to know much more and in-depth about the specific topic.

The major point is that the length of the pool cue stick depends on the height and strength of the player. So, it is essential to know the standard length of the pool cue stick and its changes as per the height difference.

Standard Length:

Being a novice at Pool games, at first, you need to know that Billiard sticks come with different types of lengths, and basically, there is no such scientific way to set or fix any perfect cue length for any individual player. In major cases, a player’s height, arm length, and personal preferences become major deciding factors of pool cue length. However, there is an industry-standard length of a pool cue, and that is 58-inches. Most of the standard height players prefer this particular length of the pool cue stick. But the length varies for both below and above regular height players. 

For Pool players above average height:

As it has been already mentioned earlier that, improper length of pool cue stick can be a prime cause of loosing the game. Thus, if you are above average or a tall height novice player in the field of the pool, then you need to know which length is accurate for you. If your height is above 6 feet and 4inches, you need a longer cue stick with 62-inches or customized cues. But there is a limitation, and that is you won’t get many options over the standard length when it comes to pool cue stick.

But, not to worry, as you can get a long stick with an extension. The extension is placed between the shaft and the butt of the cue stick to make it lengthier. You can add an extension as per your requirement with which you feel good balance and grip. Such extensions are not made by heavy metal, and it is made by aluminum, which is lightweight and strong.
All you need to do is pick a branded extension and pool cue stick made with good quality material. That material must be strong enough yet not heavyweight.

For short-heightened Pool players:

Like tall and standard height players, if you are below the standard height, you also need to pick a cue stick with which you feel comfortable at the time of playing. There is no watertight rule on selecting pool cue, which states that a specific height player can only choose a particular length cue stick. So, the stick with which you feel confident of playing flawless pool, pick that one.

If your height comes between 5ft to 5ft and 8inches, then a 52-inches long pool cue stick is good enough for you. Similarly, if you are 4ft to 4ft and 11inches, your perfect pick is maybe a 48-inches long stick. And if any player is below 4 feet, their cue stick length usually comes between 36-inches to 42-inches. But then again, we would like to say; there is no such hard and fast rule for selecting a pool cue stick. It depends on your balance, comfort, and preference.

So, we can suggest that you can purchase a pack of pool cues as per your height as a novice pool sports player. Because, as we have seen, height does play a crucial role in the case of selecting a pool cue stick. Then by practicing with cue sticks of varying lengths, you will have a clear idea with which stick you can play most comfortably.

Besides, you need to look after the material and build the quality of the stick and extension before dropping a ton of cash on the same. Again, you must take guidance from experts and your trainer to choose the right pool cue stick. After going through the entire article, we hope you must have got a basic conception about picking the correct length for your pool cue stick. So, apply the above info to buy the accurate cue stick for you and make each shot count in your every Pool game.

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