How to Put a Spin on a Cue Ball?

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How to Put a Spin on a Cue Ball

Wanna take your billiards skills to the next level? Applying spin to the cue ball can add some extra skills to your game. You may have heard of several expert players who are renowned due to their mind-boggling cue spins. Well, you can be the next name after this.

There is no doubt that you may be wondering if it requires a lot of practice to put a spin on a cue ball. It is true, but what if you get the best expert guide that will guide you to learn the best spins faster? Here you are! 

You are going to get complete information about various spins and how to apply them with your stick. All you need to do is to try and master these skills and that’s it, you are already a step ahead of your opponents. So, let’s dive in!

Different types of cue spins and how to apply them

There are three major spins that most professionals use in their game. One needs to master these spins at first and then improvising skills would take the skills to a further level. Those basic spins that you need to master are as follows

Top Spin: (Follow)

You can achieve Top Spin by striking the cue ball at 12 o’clock above the center. The striking speed decides how faster the cue ball can spin. Cue ball continues the spin even after striking the object ball and thus professionals use it for multiple hits. 

The fact that the ball won’t slow down immediately and move further along the line makes it special. Top Spin affects the angle that the object ball takes after striking with the spinning ball. To be clear, the angle of departure widens after the touch with the cue ball. Thus, one should use this spin only when the target of the object ball aligns with the spin direction. 

The point of contact of the spin ball and object ball plays a key role here. Thus, it is the key point one needs to master.

Bottom Spin: (Screw/ Draw)

One can achieve a bottom spin by striking the cue ball at 6 o’clock below the center point. The bottom spin in reverse to the Top Spin. Thus, the lower you strike the cue ball the more spin generates. By generating this spin you are just drawing the ball away from its settling point.

The perfect bottom spin shot is one after which the ball stops spinning after striking the object ball. After some practice, you can indeed create a Stun Shot that delivers perfect positioning of the object ball.

Side Spin: (Left/Right)

Side Spin generates on striking the cue ball at 9 o’clock or 3 0’clock. Professional players use this shot to control the angle of departure of the object ball after the shot. You can either strike left or right of the cue ball depending on your moves. 

Of all the spins, Side Spin needs some extra mastery to avoid potting errors. Whether it is a cushion or an object ball, one needs to practice this shot in multiple scenarios. But, once you are good at this spin, other smart shots could be a piece of cake.

Tips to put spins on a cue ball

Now that you are familiar with the spins, here are the tips to apply them to your cue ball with perfection

1. Transfer the spin to object ball:

The key factor to deliver a great spin is to predict the impact that it can create on the object ball. Spin can be dissipated as a line of flow to the object ball. All you have to do is to make sure to strike the cue ball as hard as it can reach the object ball.

2. Begin with observation:

After striking a cue ball in the right spot, you need to pay attention to the direction of motion. The more you observe, the more you can improvise on your strikes. 

One can’t achieve the shots that a professional does as magic. Observing the ball, the motion, and the impact makes you capable of shaping that magic shot.

3. Striking spot:

Once you are clear about the shot you need to deliver, just focus on the spot of the cue ball you need to strike. If it is bottom, get really low, and if it is side or top get to the right spot as mentioned above.

4. Precise calculation:

No matter which spin you choose to apply, make sure it is appropriate to the moment. The best way to calculate the direction and impact is to get closer to the cue ball. You can predict the direction and impact with less proximity to the cue ball.

5. Choosing the right spin:

One should choose the type of spin based on the target, whether it is cue ball or cushion. Sometimes you may not need to apply spin to get a perfect shot. But, stun shots look great when compared to straight shots.

6. Maintain proper cue level:

Leveling the pool cue is crucial when it comes to applying spin on the cue ball. Experts try to keep the cue leveled straight to the cue ball by varying the striking spot. 

7. Change the strokes:

It is essential to keep on changing the way you strike and the energy you pass-on. Different spins require different energy based on the target.

8. Smart strikes:

It is smart to use the hand moments other than just straight energy drive to the cue ball. By doing this, you can have proper control over your strike and also the cue ball. Drawing exact energy, predicting the direction of flow and impact with the object ball, and choosing the spin takes time. So, you can just start with the basics, and then proceed to the next level to master all the spinning skills.

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