Are expensive pool cues worth the money?

Are expensive pool cues worth the money

“Anything worth appreciating is expensive.” In today’s era, every possession is closely associated with the quality of the owner’s state of being. So, it’s not an exaggerating fact that it’s normal to consider at least twice before buying any expensive product and when it comes to something like Pool Cue, so it’s mandatory. So today, … Read more

How to Hold a Pool Stick?

How to Hold a Pool Stick

Do you want to give a shot at the game of billiards? Are you finding ways to master your billiards skills? Well, you have landed at the right spot. Here you will get complete knowledge about the first and foremost aspect that will begin your training, i.e., holding a pool stick. Whether you are just … Read more

How to Put a Spin on a Cue Ball?

How to Put a Spin on a Cue Ball

Wanna take your billiards skills to the next level? Applying spin to the cue ball can add some extra skills to your game. You may have heard of several expert players who are renowned due to their mind-boggling cue spins. Well, you can be the next name after this. There is no doubt that you … Read more